Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What about Job security?

A. We have no control over Government financial management. But what we are trying to achieve is to encourage the Government to show that even in tough times, they can take the time to thank nurses and show their appreciation for their commitment to the community.

Q. How would it be paid for?

A. Last year, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia collected $181 from each nurse just so they can work for another year. Apart from a very few, the Board does nothing for the average nurse. We believe that they could excise $2.50 each year to put towards a ten year medal and then $0.60 a year for each five year bar/clasp. Or, the Government could take a half a day’s parking a year that they charge nurses to go to work and put that aside for ten years and cover the cost of a medal that way.