Premier of Western Australia
13th Floor
Dumas House
2 Havelock Street
West Perth WA 6005

Dear Premier

You have made it quite clear that you do not support your Nurses as you do your Police with your statement that your government does not support the introduction of a Western Australia Nursing Medal, I find your attitude to Nurses very disappointing. In 2015 you were very vocal in your support for the WA Police to introduce their fourth State Medal.

Please receive this letter as a registration of my support for our Nurses and the introduction of a medal to be issued to Nurses in recognition of their service to the Western Australia Community.

Please support your Nurses similar to other Public Officers, the Western Australia Nurses should be recognised for their commitment and service just the same as the. Western Australia Police and Staff, Corrective Services, Ambulance Officers and Volunteers, State Emergency Service Officers and Volunteers and Royal Life Saving Officers and Volunteers who all receive a medal in recognition of their service.

As you know, WorksafeWA identifies Nursing as being one of the highest professions subject to violence in the workplace, as does Victoria, Canada and the United States of America. Nurses work in often trying conditions, working unsociable hours, short staffing levels and often dealing with abusive situations (physical and verbal).

Nurses undertake their duties with professionalism and commitment to their community.

I therefore respectfully request you use your authority as the Premier to support your Nurses and authorise the implementation of a ten year “Western Australia Nursing Service Medal”, with a bar or clasp for each subsequent five years of service.

Yours sincerely



CC  Roger Cook
        Liz Harvey